The precautions for the maintenance of injection molds


The quality of an injection molded product is not deter […]

The quality of an injection molded product is not determined by the machine or the production personnel. The first process from the beginning is the injection molding process design. The injection mold injection molding process design is an important factor in determining the quality of the product in the future. The height of the curved straight edge of the injection molded product should not be too small, otherwise it is not easy to form a satisfactory bending moment, and it is difficult to obtain a precise shape part. When the plastic part is punched with a curved edge, the distance L from the hole edge to the base of the tortuous radius R should not be too small. Avoid deformation of the hole after twisting and forming, and avoid shortening one side inward when the plastic part is bent. Technical positioning holes can be designed, or both ends can be bent together, and the method of adding width can also be used to deal with the shortening problem.
We all know that the mold is a very important part of the injection molding process. The quality of the injection mold will directly affect the quality of the processed workpiece. Therefore, we should always pay attention to the maintenance of the injection mold. To ensure that the effect of injection mold processing can ultimately meet the requirements, what should we pay attention to?

1. Regular inspection, maintenance and oiling.
Generally speaking, the working cycle of injection molding molds is mostly between one month to several months, and the time is relatively long. Therefore, in addition to the normal handover, the operator should also explain the use of injection molding molds to record in detail the number of times and time of use of injection molding and injection molding processing tools, work problems, failures, inspection and maintenance results, etc., so that the operator can grasp the relevant information of injection molding processing molds in detail to ensure that the work can proceed normally.
2. Timely clean up the waste and dirt generated during the injection molding process.
During the injection molding process, it is inevitable that various wastes and dirt will appear. Once they accumulate too much, it will affect the normal injection molding process and even have an adverse effect on the injection molding process. Therefore, we should regularly process the injection mold. For cleaning, in addition, for injection molding molds with patterns or polishing on the surface of the cavity, we should appropriately shorten the cleaning interval to ensure that the surface of the cavity is bright and clean.
3. The auxiliary components of the injection mold should also be checked regularly.
Many people neglect the maintenance of the auxiliary components of the injection mold when maintaining the injection mold. This is not advisable. The auxiliary parts of the injection mold are also closely related to the effect of the injection process. Therefore, we should also regularly check The auxiliary system of the injection mold is checked to ensure the normal use of the injection mold.