Why the mold industry has become so important


Positioning of the mold manufacturing industry: Mold is […]

Positioning of the mold manufacturing industry: Mold is the mother of industry, most of the current products and mold production, only mold manufacturing products are mass-produced, increasing the rate and reducing costs. There are also personal hand versions or show off hand-made products without or using less molds. Modern is a world with rapid industrialization, and there is no way to leave the mold. In other words, mold is one of the more important cornerstones in the industrial world, an industry that cannot be eliminated. Especially in the current era of rapid industrialization in China, the mold industry is still a sunrise industry and still full of opportunities! So, what changes have taken place in the mold industry in recent years? Why do many bosses complain that they cannot make money, and mold workers complain that their wages are not It is difficult to find a job to improve? Why is this? Status of the mold industry: There are many factors that cause the current dilemma in the mold industry. The first is the market environment. Since the 2008 financial crisis, the crisis has not disappeared. In the first two years, the government's 4 trillion yuan was still slightly better. These factors have caused the manufacturing industry to encounter difficulties. As one of the core industries of the manufacturing industry, the mold industry will naturally be directly affected. The decline in orders and the decline in profits will directly affect the income of those engaged in the mold industry. Especially the Diaoyu Island incident in 2012 has more or less impact on all mold factories in the Japanese mold industry.

There is also the overall pattern of the world. The continued economic downturn in Europe and the United States has also directly affected my country's mold industry, because the mold industry with relatively higher profits is basically export molds. If there are fewer exported molds, profits will naturally decrease. If the boss does not make money, wages will not rise. This is an external objective factor. It is very difficult and almost impossible to change this in the short term. According to some newspapers I read more recently, the website's speculation on the future economy shows that it will be difficult for Europe and the United States to return to their previous prosperity for a long time to come. Gradual improvement is predictable and difficult to achieve in one step. Fortunately, the domestic environment is much better. In the long run, steady improvement is certain. The relative profit of domestic molds may not be as good as export molds, and the win is in quantity. However, there is no way for the mold industry to lose appearance profits. After all, apart from monopolistic industries, no industry may continue to make huge profits. The ups and downs are normal. (The development history of the mold industry that I published before, from the golden age to the silver age to the bronze age, also illustrates this point well.) The development of everything is cyclical. The current economic downturn is temporary, and the general trend of China's economic development will not change. Therefore, the resulting difficulties will be gradually eliminated in a short time in the future. In addition, the economic recession will affect more than the mold industry and more than the manufacturing industry, and most industries will be affected. It is arbitrary to say that an industry has failed because of the overall environment, unless the industry is dead or dying. After all, the mold industry is a basic industry. The shaping of the industry, just like the catering for the people's livelihood, is indispensable.