What is the role of temperature control machine in SMC molding


The mold designed by smc mold usually adopts hydraulic […]

The mold designed by smc mold usually adopts hydraulic press, and the upper and lower parts of the mold are fixed on the press. The mold includes the same cavity core as the injection mold. Place the mold test material on the opened mold and then close the press. The set temperature and pressure generated by the pressure melt the raw material into the cavity of the mold. The mold test materials for this mold are usually SMC, BMC, GMT. Therefore, we usually call these molds SMC molds, BMC molds and GMT molds. 
The SMC mold design temperature is usually between 140 and 160. When designing the mold temperature system, care should be taken to keep the temperature of the entire surface of the mold the same. The unification of temperature can reduce deformation, increase dimensional stability, and unify the product surface. Manufacturability evaluation mainly includes mold design and manufacturing cost, estimation, mold assemblability, evaluation, mold part manufacturing manufacturability, evaluation, mold structure and formability evaluation, etc.

SMC molds are designed as sheet-like thermoplastic materials, usually used for large products. However, this product requires greater strength. The BMC material has a block shape, short fibers, low shrinkage and stable color. GMT material is glass fiber thermoplastic, which can be applied to various parts of automobile body, and can replace traditional metal parts, reduce weight and reduce costs. Unlike injection molds, SMC molds require heating rather than cooling. Common heating methods include steam, oil, electricity and high-pressure water.
In the preheating stage of the smc mold, it is necessary to set the heating time of the mold temperature and the machine temperature to achieve the preheating requirements of the molding compound by preheating the mold. Heating the glass fiber reinforced plastic molded composite material before molding usually has the meaning of preheating and drying.
In this case, the SMC/BMC glass fiber reinforced plastic molding temperature control mold temperature machine was designed and manufactured. In order to heat the drawing mold to the molding temperature in a short time, the early molds need to be heated quickly, so there are also some requirements for the SMC/BMC glass fiber reinforced plastic molding temperature control mold temperature machine. The temperature control accuracy of the temperature increase rate of the mold temperature machine is also a factor that needs to be considered.