Custom Injection Mould


What’s most important when considering “custom” injecti […]

What’s most important when considering “custom” injection molders is evaluating the level of complexity of your project and letting that dictate the level of customization you need — not only from the tooling itself, but from front-to-back in working with a molder (i.e. engineering and design support, scientific methods, analytical tools, plastic part design, and molding process technologies).

If you want to custom injection moulds and you only have an idea, don’t know where to start, then come to tengfei MOULD, we are your best choice. We offer you a complete solution from product design to injection molding! Custom injection molds with tengfeiMOULD one of the top injection mould company in China, we have the confidence that molding your product ideas into business success!

If you have an idea for a innovative product.this is a new developed product and you can not find a proper partner, then come to us! Before you tell us your ideas, we can sign a Confidential Agreement, we promise to keep your patent safe.

If you have already have a product or mould design, you can send us the design directly. We use pro-E, solidworks, AUTOCAD, UG etc softwares enable us to open all format designs.With the design, our pricing engineer will make the formal quotation list with all details for your reference.

SeacoMould has two decades experience injection mould company can offer highly efficiently and cost-effectively transform you concepts into high quality injection molded plastic products.Let’s make dreams become ideas,and ideas becom reality!