Advantages of plastic injection parts for automobiles


Advantages of plastic injection parts for automobiles: […]

Advantages of plastic injection parts for automobiles: Plastics can be processed at one time, processing time is short, and accuracy is guaranteed; the elastic deformation characteristics of plastic automobile mould products absorb a large amount of collision energy, and have a greater buffering effect on strong impacts. The occupants play a protective role. Modern cars use plasticized dashboards and steering wheels to enhance cushioning. The front and rear bumpers and the body trim are made of plastic materials to reduce the impact of objects outside the car on the body. Automobile plastics also have the function of absorbing and attenuating vibration and noise, which can improve the comfort of riding; automobile plastic injection molded parts have strong corrosion resistance and will not corrode if damaged locally.
Maintenance method of automobile injection parts: Inspection: Through inspection, determine the deformation and damage of automobile plastic parts. Fastening: Fastening is an important maintenance operation to prevent loosening of the machine parts. In order to make necessary fastening and replacement of automobile plastic parts. Cleaning: the basis for reducing the wear of automotive plastic parts and reducing energy loss. Adjustment: The adjustment work is the key to ensure that the automobile assemblies and automobile plastic parts can work normally for a long time. Replenishment: Replenishment refers to the replenishment of lubricating oil and special working fluids in the car maintenance, so as to enhance the service life of the car assembly and various parts.
Automobile plastic parts are light in weight, and come in a variety of colors, beautiful, and good in weight reduction, reducing the weight of the car body. It can be recycled and recovered many times. In automobile recycling, most metal products have no recycling value because of being too old and rusty. The main repair methods of automotive plastic parts: welding, warm baking, thermal shaping, cloning, transplantation, dry grinding, nano grinding, crystal polishing, open flame shaping, filling, welding...Types of repairing automotive plastic parts: overall, roughly There are four types: deformation: depression, twist; cracking: cracks, fractures; scratches: scratches, scratches; bad holes: gaps, missing pieces. Precautions for repairing automobile plastic parts: pay attention to the repair of automobile plastic parts. Some automobile plastic parts can be repaired, but some cannot be repaired. They should be replaced in time to avoid hidden dangers. Some plastic parts have serious scratches and should be replaced in time. Affect driving safety.